About Us

Founded in the Taiping Industrial Park in 1980, the company officially changed its name to Chiao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd. In 1986. The company introduced CNC center processing machines and became involved in the production of machine tool components, and started long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign machine tool manufacturers. Since 2000, the company introduced domestic and foreign double-column 5-face machining centers and high-end horizontal CNC machining centers, and began to produce precision components such as spindle heads. In 2008, the company set up Tsan Fong Machinery Co., Ltd. To Enter the optoelectronics industry. The company passed the ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems in 2015, and purchased large-scale coordinate measuring machines made in Germany to enhance its quality control. The Guangxing Plant was expanded in 2021 with its focus placed on producing optoelectronics, semiconductor, aerospace and wind industry components to meet various customer needs.

The company upholds its business philosophy of putting customers first, innovation of technology, imposing strict quality control, and putting efficiency first. The company has worked to actively establish sound management regulations, and cultivate professional technical talents. The company has spared no effort in researching technology, equipment, and quality as the company has been recognized by domestic and foreign manufacturers as an excellent subcontractor. The company provides high-quality processing services for various domestic and international machine tools and high-tech industry companies, and seeks to steadily grow with those companies.



In 2022, the company introduced the MAKINO horizontal dual wheel machining center and the SHIBAURA 6-wheel horizontal machining center to improve automation capabilities in response to future trends. The Guangxing Factory introduced a 12-meter 5-face double column machining centers and 6-meter floor-type boring machines to service more types of industries.


In 2021, Tsan Fong set up its Guangxing Factory to focus on increasing the production of optoelectronic product.


In September 2020, the company was approved for the Accelerated Investment Project for SMEs.


In 2019, the factory was upgraded again and passed the ISO 9001:2015 UKAS certification.


In 2016, the company purchased German large coordinate measuring machines, and large 8-meter double column cranes to enhance its quality control and production capabilities.


In 2015, the company passed the ISO 9001 international quality certification.


In 2014, the horizontal machining center factory was expanded and the factory introduced Japanese horizontal machining centers to fully activate its production capacity.


In 2008, Tsan Fong Machinery Co., Ltd. was established.

2004 ~ 2010

The 5-face double column machining center factory was set up during 2004 to 2010, and introduced Japanese 5-face double column machining centers.


In 1988, the production capacity was expanded as various CNC machining centers were purchased and put into production.


In 1986, the company expanded its production capacity and changed its name to Chiao Fong Machinery Co., Ltd.


In 1980, Xinheshun Machinery Factory was established as it specialized in the manufacturing of lathe components.

Factory Area

Chiao Fong Machinery Co., LTD.

  • Plant area:7272.76 m²
  • Number of employees:77

Production Equipment

  • Vertical Machining Centers: 10 machines under 2 meters, 6 machines above 2 meters
  • Horizontal Machining Centers: 8 machines under 2 meters, 3 machines above 2 meters
  • Gantry Processing Machine: 8 machines under 4 meters, 8 machines above 4 meters
  • Crane Equipment: 15-ton, 10-ton, 7.5-ton, and 5-ton cranes

Inspection Equipment

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine: ZEISS 3-meter Measuring Machine

Tsan Fong Machinery Co., LTD.

  • Plant area:17686.03 m²
  • Number of employees: 35

Production Equipment

  • Vertical Machining Centers: 2 machines under 2 meters
  • Horizontal Machining Centers: 6 meter Floor type, 1 meters
  • Gantry Processing Machine: 3 machines under 6 meters, 4 machines above 6 meters
  • Crane Equipment: 30-ton, 25-ton, 20-ton, and 5-ton cranes

Inspection Equipment

  • Faro laser tracker
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine: ZEISS 1-meter Measuring Machine

Welding Equipment

  • Argon arc welding machine
  • CO2 welding machine
  • Electric welding machine

Related companies

Tsan Fong Machinery Co., LTD.

Established in 2008, Tsan Fong Machinery offers manufacturing services for precision components in the fields of optoelectronics, semiconductor, and aerospace. The company primarily engages in milling and welding, providing services with high-quality, high-precision machine tools, measurement equipment, a strict quality assurance system, and highly qualified personnel. It has earned quality certifications in manufacturing.

In 2021, production capacity was expanded to continue serving a diverse customer base with exceptional technology and rigorous quality as a key component supplier.

Inspection Equipment

The ISO 9001 Quality Policy of our company is recognized by all employees of the company with common awareness that only through consistent operation and maintenance is the company able to continue sustainable operations. Focus on giving the concept of quality at the moment of product production is the key element of meeting survival and competition. The product is depended upon all employee's endeavor and diligence from the process of production to the satisfaction of the customer's final application. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of providing customers with quality services in good faith.Through teamwork, complex workpieces are produced with high efficiency and high precision.