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About Us

The company upholds its business philosophy of putting customers first, innovation of technology, imposing strict quality control, and putting efficiency first. The company has worked to actively establish sound management regulations, and cultivate professional technical talents. The company has spared no effort in researching technology, equipment, and quality as the company has been recognized by domestic and foreign manufacturers as an excellent subcontractor. The company provides high-quality processing services for various domestic and international machine tools and high-tech industry companies, and seeks to steadily grow with those companies.




Double Column Machine Technology


According to the characteristics of the various machine, the Company has more than 20 double column machines for production services with a goal of producing high-quality products and shortening delivery times. The Company continues to challenge and improve itself to provide customers with the maximum amount of satisfaction.

With experienced technicians managing on site, we are able to shorten lead times and lower costs while maintaining accuracy and precision.


Horizontal Boring Technology


The company has a diverse amount of boring and milling processing equipment, and activated processing processes. Its strict quality control, sophisticated technology, and rich amount of experience has allowed the company to be well received by its customers. There are plenty of machines of various types and sizes as Chiao Fong’s products will surely satisfy you.

The company uses teamwork to efficiently and precisely produce complex workpieces.


Inspection Technology


The ISO 9001 Quality Policy of our company is recognized by all employees of the company with common awareness that only through consistent operation and maintenance is the company able to continue sustainable operations. Focus on giving the concept of quality at the moment of product production is the key element of meeting survival and competition. The product is depended upon all employee's endeavor and diligence from the process of production to the satisfaction of the customer's final application.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of providing customers with quality services in good faith.Through teamwork, complex workpieces are produced with high efficiency and high precision.