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The administrative department is responsible for overseeing the entire process, from production scheduling to delivery scheduling, quality control, and transportation in response to clients’ inquiries and orders. Our company specializes in the comprehensive manufacturing of large and heavy products. We are capable of addressing various requests based on received drawings, including orders for design, material procurement, welding, machining, and transportation, or specific tasks like welding or machining alone. We accurately grasp clients’ requirements and effectively communicate them to the design and manufacturing departments. Our streamlined internal production system ensures top-notch quality, quick delivery times, and competitive prices, catering to the clients' needs.


The design department specializes in designing custom machinery and automated equipment for diverse production lines according to clients' specifications. To produce products that align with clients' needs, we address a range of requirements and maintain close communication with clients from the conceptual design phase. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with our in-house production department to ensure that the products are not only secure but also feature complete functionality, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness.


The machining department is equipped with top-of-the-line large-scale processing machinery in the central region, including an oversized 5-face machining center measuring 4800 mm in width and 12000 mm in length. The center features doors with a height of 3600 mm and a width of 5200 mm. Additionally, we have large floor-type horizontal boring machine measuring 3600 mm in height and 6000 mm in length, along with 30-ton cranes designed for handling large products. There are approximately 50 machines of various sizes. Our company is committed to manufacturing high-quality, high-precision, and high-value-added products, including large-scale products. We also possess a diverse array of other equipment enabling us to handle products of all sizes, from large to small. Utilizing different types of machinery, we cater to clients’ requirements and provide high-precision products while continuously striving to enhance both delivery times and quality.


Due to our widespread customer base across the country, we employ our fleet of trucks, including 7.5-ton trucks. Additionally, we work with partner companies on the routes nationwide, offering them vehicles in response to their requirements. This ensures the secure and dependable delivery of products to our clients. Each morning, our management department conducts meetings to strategize efficient vehicle scheduling, examine delivery processes, and ensure that product packaging, loading, and transportation are executed without causing any damage to the products.